The Best Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

These eight essential oils can help manage ED symptoms.

1. Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang essential oil works on a few levels to help treat ED. It has euphoric properties that provide a sense of well-being and enhanced self-esteem. Ylang ylang is used to treat frigidity, depression, and anxiety.

2. Rose

Rose oil has been shown to relieve depression and aid in relaxation in animal and human studies. It’s an aphrodisiac thought to bring about happiness and self-confidence that can aid in sensuality. Rose oil increases libido and enhances sperm and testosterone production.
A study from 2012 found that rats who inhaled rose oil were protected from the harmful effects of formaldehyde inhalation. Inhaling formaldehyde can cause problems with sperm quality and serum testosterone levels.

3. Lavender

Lavender is often the first essential oil that people turn to for various health concerns. A study from 2014 found that the combined smell of lavender and pumpkin pie had the greatest effect on penile blood flow in male volunteers. The study size was small with only 31 participants, so larger studies are needed. All of the 30 scents tested increased arousal in the men.
Lavender oil was found to be effective in reducing the harmful effects of formaldehyde in male rats. Rats who inhaled lavender oil reduced damage to their sperm and reproductive systems. Lavender is well-known for its anti-anxiety and relaxing effects.

4. Rosemary and lavender

A study from 2015 showed that rosemary and lavender essential oils reduced reproductive function damage and oxidative stress in diabetic male rats. These oils also had a positive effect on testosterone levels and sperm quality. This is thought to be related to the antioxidant properties of the oils.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon essential oil has been shown to improve sexual function in animal experiments.
A review of studies on animals found that cinnamon extract increased the weight of testes and seminal vesicles in animals. This could be because the oil stimulates hormone levels. Cinnamon also increased sperm count and testosterone levels. The motility and viability of the sperm was also increased.
Another study on rats found that regular consumption of cinnamon bark oil is effective in protecting male reproductive systems and improving sperm quality.

6. Basil

Basil has long been used as an herbal medicine to treat a variety of illnesses. Studies on rats found that basil extract significantly increases sperm motility, viability, and count. It can also reduce oxidative stress.
A study from 2013 showed that basil extract protects against testicular toxicity caused by toxic heavy metals. The testicular tissue of the intoxicated rat showed significant changes after taking basil. This is thought to be because of basil’s antioxidant ability. Basil has been found to have anti-anxiety properties.

7. Ginger

Ginger extract has been shown to have a strong effect on hormonal activity in male rats. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that can protect against oxidative stress. Ginger can also increase sperm function and concentrations in rats.

8. Nutmeg and clove

A study from 2003 found that nutmeg and clove extracts increase sexual activity in male mice. The extracts enhanced the animals’ mounting behavior and boosted their mating performance.
Nutmeg and clove are nervous stimulants and have a positive effect on sexual behavior. Nutmeg has been shown to increase blood circulation, which can help with ED.