Whey Protein Isolate | 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

Whey protein isolate sold in the form of whey protein powder is by far the most popular type of protein found in the vast majority of protein powder supplements. Below are 5 reasons why you should use whey protein isolate.

1: Aids Muscle Growth And Recovery

Whey protein is far and away the most researched supplement for muscle growth and recovery. It just might be the most important supplement you can take for building high quality, lean muscle. Countless studies have shown whey protein to be beneficial for your muscles, especially when taken soon after your workout.
When you take whey protein soon after your workout, studies show that blood flow to your muscles is improved. When blood is more easily able to reach your muscles, you can become more easily able to grow your muscles. Blood contains all of the nutrients necessary for building muscle such as oxygen and other various hormones that contribute to the muscle production process. If you can improve blood flow to your muscles, you can accelerate the rate at which they grow.
Whey protein is also naturally rich in amino acids, which are vital for both growth and recovery. Therefore, when whey protein powder is consumed soon after your workout, the amino acids are able to reach your muscle tissue extremely rapidly. Because the nutrients can reach your muscles so rapidly, the rate at which they grow can also become more rapid.
In other words, you can potentially grow your muscles significantly more effectively in a considerably shorter period of time as a result of taking whey protein on a regular basis immediately after your workouts.

2: Supports Fat loss

Whey protein can encourage your body to burn more fat than you would be able to burn if you were not taking whey protein primarily because of the fact that it is naturally rich in Leucine. Leucine plays a vital role in the process of protein synthesis, which is a process that expends a pretty significant amount of energy and burns plenty of calories in the process. Through Leucine, whey protein can cause your body to burn more calories than normal.
You’ve probably heard of people taking whey protein shakes as a form of meal replacement rather than as a post-exercise supplement. The reason people do this is because whey protein powder has been shown to be more effective than any other type of protein in satisfying your appetite and reducing hunger. Using whey protein shakes as meal replacements can be a great way to help yourself lose some weight.
If you’re looking to lose fat, you’re probably aware that you need to be exercising. Well, there’s more good news for you should you decide to get yourself some whey protein. Whey protein isolate has been shown to significantly increase the amount of fat you burn during exercise.
Combining whey protein with exercise enables you to lower your body fat percentage more significantly in a shorter period of time. Drink whey protein shakes immediately after exercise and the benefits are endless.

3: Elevates Your Energy Levels

In order to perform high intensity exercise (which you should be doing if you are trying to build muscle or lose weight), your body utilizes glycogen as an energy source. Glycogen is what fuels your body through intense periods of exercise and gives you the energy and endurance you need in order to make it through your workouts.
Whey protein has been shown to increase glycogen levels in muscle tissue. This means that your muscular endurance can be improved simply by using whey protein on a regular basis. Through improving your muscular endurance, you can enhance your performance in the gym and enable yourself to lift more weight for longer periods of time and/or stay on the treadmill for a longer time and help prevent fatigue.

4: Improves Digestion

It is believed that whey protein has the ability improve the bacterial environment in your gut, which leads to all sorts of benefits including improved digestion. This is extremely helpful because if your body can digest nutrients more properly, then it can also utilize them more efficiently. That makes everything you consume from snacks to supplements more nutritious.
While taking whey protein, you are better able to utilize other sources of protein and amino acids your body takes in due to the effect it can have on your ability to digest food. However, digestion isn’t the only benefit of an improved bacterial environment.
Some studies even show that certain bacteria can even lead to improvements in mood and enhancements in general function. There are several studies done suggesting that anxiety and depression levels decrease overtime when the bacterial environment of the gut is improved, which could then mean that whey protein could potentially also improve your mood.

5: Optimizes Your Metabolic Rate

Whey protein has been shown to actually have a direct thermogenic effect when ingested. Thermogenesis is a process that can cause your body to increase the amount of calories it is burning without you doing anything. Thermogenic ingredients can cause your internal body temperature to heat up, and your body has to burn calories in order to cool itself back down.
The thermogenic effect whey protein has can cause your body to be constantly using energy.
Therefore, regular ingestion of whey protein can cause your body to consistently increase energy expenditure, thereby naturally raising your metabolic rate.
Your body also takes a much longer time to digest protein than it does carbohydrates, and digestion in itself is a process that requires energy to be used up. That’s just another way that consuming whey protein powder regularly can naturally increase your daily energy expenditure and boost your metabolism.