Why is Testosterone Needed in Men?

When testosterone levels are low, you might experience symptoms like sleep disturbances, low sexual desire, weight gain, depression, tiredness, erectile dysfunction and poor concentration. Perhaps you’re not seeing the results you’d like in the gym. In cases like these, testosterone boosters might be the way to go.

The testosterone level in men gets lower as they age. By 80 years old, the testosterone of a man level could be just 20 percent of what it was when he was young. This testosterone decline occurs gradually; it starts as early as the mid-30s and could bring about increased risks of life-threatening illnesses like heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Additionally, testosterone deficiency could result in a number of distressing symptoms like loss of lean muscle mass, loss of stamina, anxiety, reduced libido, cognitive decline and depression. These symptoms are collectively referred to as andropause, which is the male equivalent of menopause that females experience. However, in contrast to menopause, testosterone decline is quite gradual and andropause symptoms appear over a more extended period of time. These symptoms or often ignored or merely attributed to the aging process.

Fortunately, there is a variety of ways in which testosterone deficiency symptoms can be reversed through the restoration of youthful levels. Currently, millions of men are using testosterone boosters to treat these symptoms